You have a powerful story to share...

But how do you write it when you don't feel like a writer?

How do you know which publisher to trust?

And finally, how do you get people to buy your book when you are not a marketer?

Well, that‘s exactly what Power From Pain Publishing is here to help you achieve – guide you through the whole writing, publishing, and marketing process from A to Z so your message can serve as a huge wake-up call for everyone who still dwells in the darkness of their past.

In fact, if you think about it for a moment, there is no such thing as a past. It doesn‘t exist anymore. Everything we see, feel, smell, or hear is in the present. The only things that keep the past "alive" are the thoughts and memories we constantly attach to them.

Why is this important to know? Because there are still women who live this way and miss out on the unforgettable, unbridled joy and relief that come with making peace with the past. And if that‘s something you‘ve experienced, why not help others do the same?

Our publishing house specializes in non-fiction works from women who overcame challenges or trauma and are looking to help others heal. Because of this, we are not an author mill; meaning, we do not accept every submission. We review each one carefully to ensure the work will fit with the mission of the publishing house.

And the best news?

Unlike traditional publishing houses, we won‘t let you leave with 10% royalties and 0 marketing support. In fact, we take 0% in royalties and provide 100% marketing support!

We also have a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring your success. You can rest assured we use our wisdom to turn your manuscript into a powerful, life-changing publication AND help you get it into the hands of those in need – those who desire to break the chains of the past and simply enjoy their lives the way we all should.

To learn more, sign up to watch our free video,

5 Reasons Why You Need an Independent Publisher.

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